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GrowPower Indoor Growing Kit - 6

GrowPower Indoor Growing Kit - 6" Inline Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting, Fan Controller, Outlet Timer, Light Hangers, 7-Gal Fabric Pots

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Product Description

GrowPower Indoor Growing Kit includes the core components needed to setup a great indoor grow. Just add your choice of grow light, soil, and genetics! 


1 x 6" Carbon Filter 
1 x 6" Inline Fan
1 x Fan Controller
4 x Smart / Fabric Pots (7 gallons)
1 x Dual Outlet Light Timer
1 x 1/8" pair of ratcheting heavy duty light hangers
2 x Clamps for ducting

Carbon Filter: This is placed in the grow room and is used to "scrub" the air to get rid of any smells. Come flowering time, some plants such as cannabis produce terpenes which give off a strong odor (stronger and stinkier the better 😈) and a nice carbon filter will help neutralize odors that pass through 👍. 

Inline Fan: This is attached to the carbon filter along with the ducting to push or exhaust out the air from inside your grow room. We recommend setting up the inline fan to exhaust air out from the carbon filter in the grow room. 

Fan Controller: The fan controller allows you to dial in the amount of air being pulled-in or exhausted out of your grow room by allowing adjust-ability of the fan speed with a dial.

Fabric Grow Pots: These 7-Gallon Fabric Growing Pots are perfect for growing your plants and vegetables. Fabric pots are better than plastic pots because they provide more aeration to the roots and they also do not cause your plants to root spin and bind. Instead, your plants will develop a better root structure and healthy roots make up a healthy plant. 

Dual Outlet 24-Hr Timer: This heavy-duty dual-outlet timer allows two devices or lights to be controlled by a 24-hour timer. Push the notches down to set the ON time for veg (18 hr / 24hr) or flowering (12 hr) cycles. 

Ratcheting Light Hangers: These adjustable ratcheting hangers are the easiest way to hang up a grow light. Easily hang up, adjust, and set the height of where you want your grow light above the plant canopy. Comes as a pair (2).