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About GrowPower

GrowPower is focused on providing the world with the best horticulture lighting and products to drive indoor agriculture forward. Since lighting plays such a vital role and electricity is such an inescapable cost in indoor and mixed-use cultivation environments, we have the best interests and also the most distressing concerns in-mind when developing our products and recommending solutions to our customers. Our products help lower production/electricity costs, increase efficiencies, and move the world towards more sustainable plant and food production.

Stemming from nearly 40 years of lighting industry experience from our parent company, American Greenpower USA (AGP), we've applied our lighting expertise to develop and offer the best lighting solutions for cultivation.

After years of helping our customers save on energy costs, improve the quality of their lighting technology and environment, we’ve applied our know-how to indoor agriculture. Feel free to talk to us about amps, tonnes / BTU of AC cooling, PAR values, light footprints, canopy coverage, etc.

We are your grow lighting consultants and product specialists. With our background, we can provide solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition for years to come.

For distributors and retailers interested in carrying our products, please contact us for distributor and volume pricing.

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GrowPower: Empower your grow.